Michel Odent

 General data 

Discipline: Ob/Gyn


  • Studying the process of parturition in hospital and out-of-hospital environments
  • Primal Health Research

In NESA as: Member of the International Board

Since: 1962

Institution: Primal Health Research Centre

Position: Director

City: London

Country: United Kingdom


Education: Ancien Interne des hopitaux de la Region de Paris.
Qualified in General surgery. Competent in obstetrics and gynecology (French qualifications)

 Member in 

British Medical Association
Royal Society of Medicine

 Selected publications 

- Odent M. Vitamin C and vitamin E in pregnant women at risk of pre-eclampsia. Lancet 2006 Jul 15;368(9531):199
- Odent M. Making sense of rising caesarean section rates: reducing caesarean section rates should not be the primary objective. BMJ 2004 Nov 20;329(7476):1240
- Odent M. Risk factors for anorexia nervosa. Lancet 2003 May 31;361(9372):1913-4
- Odent M. Risk factors for preterm delivery. Lancet 2003 Feb 1;361(9355):436
- Odent M, Colson S, De Reu P. Consumption of seafood and preterm delivery. Encouraging pregnant women to eat fish did not show effect. BMJ 2002 May 25;324(7348):1279
- Odent M. Hypothesis: preeclampsia as a maternal-fetal conflict. MedGenMed 2001 Sep 5;3(5):2
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